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Terms & Conditions


The full invoice will then be credited on the return of the sample. Where the sample is retained but an order follows therefrom, the carriage will be credited.

PAYMENT DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE are 4% For 7 day or 2% for payment 20th of month following invoice. Discount is not allowed on pro-forma invoices. Following payment you must ensure you have only recovered the VAT actually paid. No credit note will be issued.

CARRIAGE PAID ORDERS are £200 and over for the UK mainland, all UK Islands and Eire are £500 and over.

THE MINIMUM RE-STOCKING CHARGE levied on goods returned for credit is 5%.

V.A.T. WILL BE CHARGED AT STANDARD RATE unless the item is marked zero-rated. If goods which are zero-rated in our list are sold to adults or children over 13, as described in V.A.T. Notice 714, then V.A.T. should be charged at the standard rate.

Notwithstanding delivery of any goods the property in the goods remain in the seller until the buyer has paid in full therefor and paid in full all other sums owing by the buyer to the seller, but not withstanding the provisions of this clause the goods shall be at risk of the buyer from the time when they cease to be in the possession of the seller.

We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of goods delivered to a third party address.

SPECIALS. Delivery dates given on request. All over and under-makes must be accepted. Where specials form part of carriage paid order but are dispatched separately, at the customer’s request, carriage will be charged on both parts of the order where applicable.