Our Commitment to environment

At Falcon Sportswear we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and we're taking steps now to ensure that our business practices are environmentally friendly. In 2021/22, we invested in electric warehouse vehicles. In 2023, we installed 90 solar panels at our facility. These investments will help us reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We work with suppliers to ensure that all packaging materials are recycled and recyclable—and that means we can do everything in our power to keep waste out of landfills! As a company, we have practices in place to ensure that any waste generated on-site is recycled appropriately.


Recycled Packaging

All of our garments are packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging.



Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester, often called RePET® is made from recycled plastic bottles. It's a great way to divert plastic from landfill. The production of recycled polyester requires far fewer resources than that of new fibres and generates fewer CO2 emissions.

Recycled polyester also has the same feel and look as traditional polyester; it just comes from recycled products rather than virgin material. So, it ticks all the boxes.

5 out of our 7 ranges that sit under the Falcon brand are made from RePET® polyester.


Net Zero

We're committed to making the world a better place for future generations. That's why, when making decisions about our working practices, we always ask ourselves: "Will this decision help contribute towards the UK achieving net zero by 2050?"

We know that small changes can add up to big improvements, and we hope that our contributions will help make a difference for future generations.

Facts about RePET®

  • Recycling 1 ton of PET containers saves 5.7 square metres of landfill space.
  • 90% less water is used in making recycled polyester versus polyester.
  •  RePET® requires 70 percent less energy than virgin fibre production.
  • Currently RePET® costs about 10 - 15 percent more than virgin fibre.